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BuenosBoys - Alexis 2 Buff and bronzed Alexis was such a hit with our viewers that we went digging in our vaults to find the very first scene wed ever shot with him. He had moved from Argentina to Peru to find work, and I found him stripping in a gay disco in the Miraflores neighborhood of LIma. And what a scene it is!I think were safe in saying, you wont believe your eyes by the time it concludes!A few years later he returned to Argentina where we worked with him again.

Filmed in historic downtown Lima in a once famous but now shuttered burlesque club(haunted no doubt by the ghosts of women who stripped there in the 30s and 40s!) we were thrilled with the footage for many reasons. A real location not only dresses up a scene(from the standard bedroom or shower), it also brings something more out of the models. Alexis was really getting off on being in an old theatre,

a place where seduction by dance was the order of the day for so many years. I think he felt a kinship with some of those ghosts!

A stripper himself by trade, nothing comes more naturally to Alexis than moving to rhythm for adoring eyes. It only takes a glance to recognize Alexis as a natural exhibitionist. Quite simply, he was born to be admired, and he really comes to life when the lights come on, the cameras start rolling and a roomful of watchful eyes are on him.

We just turned on some music and off he went like a horny little wind-up toy!He was, as the saying goes, in his element, making love to our lenses, and to his own image in a mirrored wall. Like the mythical Narcissus who fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water, Alexis saw himself and it was love at first sight!

He seduced that mirror like he was seducing uswith a body so perfectly sculpted and tight, perfect dick and bubble but, that handsome white-toothed smile and handsome face, its surprising the mirror didnt crack!

When it came time for the all-important money shot, Alexis surpassed not only himself and every model weve ever filmed, but possibly every cumshot ever filmed in the 21st century!It has to rank up there with the most legendary of themfor our boy Alex covered himself(his reflected self that is)with so much hot dripping spooge, caught perfectly by the glare of the stage lights, that it all but obscured his visage as it ran down the glass. There couldnt have been more cum on that mirror if three men had shot there. Perhaps the spirits there had something to do with it, for Alexis truly was a man possessed that day.

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BuenosBoys - Alexis 2
BuenosBoys - Alexis 2

BuenosBoys - Alexis 2
BuenosBoys - Alexis 2

BuenosBoys - Alexis 2

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