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Boris Stark - Erotic Solo Studio:
Boris Stark is aged 34 and lives in Prague. He works as a bartender and enjoys sports, athletics and bodybuilding. What a great body he has, as we see, after his interview. He runs his hands over his body, and removes his teeshirt. That massive and well defined chest looks magnificent. After removing his socks Boris sits back and wanks himself in his underwear. Then he pulls out a nice, hard cock. He milks that cock and then takes off his underwear so we can fully appreciate him. Taking some oil Boris drips it on that that chest and stands up to smear it all over. His dick is rock hard as he oils himself, and he moves his hips to make that cock flap around. With the oil glistening Boris then wanks on his cock some more before turning around and showing off his ass. Bending forward lets his balls hang low and his ass cheeks spread, to show off his hole. Reaching round Boris' hands spread that ass so well and rub all over his tight hole. He then lays back on the sofa and lifts his legs to show off the hole some more. Those smooth, hairless thighs look great as the hole is exposed and the hands run over them. Having given a beautiful show of his ass Boris stands and wanks his cock again, this time to a lovely, creamy climax. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:10
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2510kbps
Audio: 126kbps

Boris Stark - Erotic Solo
Boris Stark - Erotic Solo

Boris Stark - Erotic Solo
Boris Stark - Erotic Solo

Boris Stark - Erotic Solo

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