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WH - Arny Donan - Erotic Solo Studio:
Arny Donan is aged 21 and lives in Prerov. He works as a security guard and in his spare time he enjoys boxing, sports and fitness. What a great looking guy he is, so very masculine looking, as he sits and does his interview. A ready smile lights up that handsome face as he answers the questions. Then Arny stands, and begins to feel his body. Removing his tee shirt, back to camera he teases us a little, grabbing his ass thru his pants. Then Arny turns to face the camera and we get to see that lovely chest. He opens his pants enough to be able to slip a hand inside for a quick feel. Then he pushes the pants down to expose a very sexy ass. With is hands continuing to feel that hot body he faces the camera again, teasingly offering a glimpse of cock, as he removes his pants, from one leg. That sexy ass is shown again and Arny rubs the sexy cheeks, pulling them apart for us. Turning around he takes hold of his cock and starts wanking as he also feels his pecs. With his cock growing so well Arny lays back on the bed, lifting his legs to really show that hot ass hole. His huge, hairy thighs look so good as he wanks himself and exposes his hole. He really pulls on those cheeks so that the hole opens a bit. Intent on giving the best view Arny goes onto his knees, back to camera and continues to spread that hot ass. The tight, curly hair all over that ass really does look so good. Then we get to enjoy some great wanking as Arny works his cock to a big, creamy climax, shooting his cum on his left thigh. He finishes off his video in the shower, washing that hot body. What a fabulous looking guy, and so very sexy.
Format: mp4
Duration: 25:44
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2932kbps
Audio: 96kbps

WH - Arny Donan - Erotic Solo
WH - Arny Donan - Erotic Solo

WH - Arny Donan - Erotic Solo
WH - Arny Donan - Erotic Solo

WH - Arny Donan - Erotic Solo

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