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Elder Isaacs - Disciplinary Action Part 2 Studio: Mormonboyz
Elder Isaacs is used to having his way. Growing up, he was always the biggest kid around. And the other kids were intimidated by his size.
In fact, he got so used to the way the other boys deferred to him that eventually he no longer noticed. He started to take it for granted that people would do what he told them to.
And as he got older, and he started to turn from a big boy into a handsome man, his good looks made people even more eager to please him. In high school, Elder Isaacs was a star athlete and a popular kid.
But now that hes in the mission field, hes finding that the swagger he developed in his youth doesnt translate very well. Although hes still physically imposing and very good looking, as a Mormon missionary hes expected to be humble and obedient.
And although at first it was difficult for him to submit to the powerful men who run his mission, over time it has become easier. In fact, hed never admit it, but he has started to take a secret, dirty pleasure in obeying orders.
Every time an older man commands him to do something, it makes the boy trust him, and want to please him, and it usually gives him a boner, too.
So when the minor humiliations of missionary life finally escalate to outright sexual degradation at the hands of the Brethren, its a dream come true for Isaacs. But he instinctively knows that he should hide the pleasure he takes in being physically and emotionally shamed and abused.
He thinks it will be hotter for the men if they cant see his excitement, and its hotter for him, too.
But he cant hide the physical evidence of his excitement. For instance, President Woodruff has Elder Isaacs on his lap, stripped naked and legs spread wide.
The submissive boys face is pressed into the carpet at the Presidents feet. As the President has his way with the his tight hole and spanks his full ass, he can feel the missionarys boner throbbing against his leg. As if to punish the boy for being aroused, the spanking gets more and more brutal.
Elder Isaacs is squealing. The beating hurts, but he can also tell that hes about to cum.
Should he tell the President?If he doesnt say something, hes going to get semen all over the President Woodruffs pants. But hes too embarrassed to say anything.
And in a moment it happens. He groans as his hard cock pumps a full load onto the Presidents leg

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Elder Isaacs - Disciplinary Action Part 2
Elder Isaacs - Disciplinary Action Part 2

Elder Isaacs - Disciplinary Action Part 2
Elder Isaacs - Disciplinary Action Part 2

Elder Isaacs - Disciplinary Action Part 2

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