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TickledHard - Joni Studio: TickledHard
Franco ties Joni's hands and feet to the corners of the bed and starts tickling his torso and armpits lightly with a variety of feathers. Joni's face turns red as Franco keeps changing feathers and the sensation builds. Joni tries to catch his breath, but he just can't stop laughing. When Franco switches to fingers, the tickling becomes even more intense. Franco tickles Joni's sensitive stomach, sides and pits. He's sooo ticklish!Joni struggles like a madman, but there's nothing he can do that will make Franco stop. Franco tickles Joni's taint with brushes, then his balls, armpits and nipples, but Joni really loses it when Franco attacks his inner thighs and size 11 feet. His voice gets even higher and wilder under the foot tickle torture. Soon Joni's laughter is mixed with cries of anguish and delight, and he's only halfway done!Franco continues tickling his sweaty, sensitive feet until he notices Joni's cock stiffening. He jacks and sucks a load out of Joni, then immediately returns to his feet, going from orgasm directly back to tickle torture. Joni's never experienced something like this, and you can hear it in his muffled screams of pleasure and pain!

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:58
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1694kbps
Audio: 30kbps

TickledHard - Joni
TickledHard - Joni

TickledHard - Joni
TickledHard - Joni

TickledHard - Joni

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