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Brazilian Beef Release Year: 2000
Cast: Marco Axel, Marcio Pittbull, Marcelo Boni, Julio Romano, Dimas Martins, Alexandre Senna, Amauri Oliveira, Pablo Picaco, Mauricio Negrao, Hector Henrique, Julio Vidal, Marcio Rosa, Roger Andrade
Video language: English
In Brazilian Beef, Brazilian men are consumed by sex with each other because they're just so appetizing!First, Mauricio Negrao is home alone at night and decides to order a pizza. While he waits, he watches a porn video. When Pablo Picaco arrives with the pizza, the only topping he cares about is topping Pablo over the sofa!Then, Marcio Pittbull and Marcelo Boni are house painters who uncover a box of porn magazines while on a job. Very little painting is accomplished as artfully Marcio tops Marcelo. Next, Hector Henrique picks up Julio Romano at the gym to go out to dinner, but they miss their reservation when Julio tops Hector in bed at home. Then, Alexandre Senna and Roger Andrade meet each other in the woods where Alexandre bottoms for Roger for chopping wood in such a sexy way. Next, bodybuilders Dimas Martins and Marcos Axel admire each others' chiseled physiques, leading to Dimas topping Marcos in bed. Then, very close and personal friends Julio Vidal and Marcio Pittbull arrive at a weekend resort where Julio tops a squealing Marcio with his extra big tool in bed. Finally, Marcio Rosa enjoys his backyard garden and reads a book on a sunny day. His house steward Amauri Oliveira brings him a drink, but what really quenches his thirst is when he tops Amauri in the sunshine of their lust!

Director Julio Kadetti has assembled a bevy of very muscular tops and bottoms in this scorching video full of the humpiest models from Brazil.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:56:36
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1603kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Brazilian Beef
Brazilian Beef

Brazilian Beef
Brazilian Beef

Brazilian Beef

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