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Daltronn - Dalton Dickey Studio: daltronn
Dalton Dickey, aka daltronn
Here are 9 clips of this goth/emo boy showing off and wanking a thick and pulsing 9" cock!
He's smart and a bit snarky, just they type of guy that turns me on. Check out this 21 year old show you why he'd be enough for anyone.
Hot clips of the one, the only The Dalton Dicky!

In His Own Words:

"Dalton Dickey, originally nicknamed daltronn, son of the gods Venus and Cupid.
Perfection was an understatement, and when I was a wee ole lad I was bitten by a spider which
made me grow a humongous dick., and ever since I can remember I've been fighting evil with my
long dick of the law, web slinging my arch nemesis' in the face.

Standing at 5'11 and nine inches tall just on my package alone, I was destined to be the most
awesome mother fucker on this planet, next to Tupac, and then, he died.(R.I.P. Tupac). "
He's the hot emo/punk twink with the 9" cock and the attitude to go with it!
The only disapointign thing about this guy is the fact that he's straight, still he is fun to watch.

Daltronn - Dalton Dickey
Daltronn - Dalton Dickey

Daltronn - Dalton Dickey
Daltronn - Dalton Dickey

Daltronn - Dalton Dickey

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Daltronn - Dalton Dickey