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TickledHard - Joe D Wood Studio: TickledHard
Franco straps 38-year-old southern rough trade and straight of three Joe to the bed frame in just his boxer shorts, long black skull socks and sneakers. Despite him being so gangsta, Joe immediately gets into the sensation of the tickling and suddenly it sounds like he's moaning instead of laughing. Franco takes advantage of his prisoner's pleasure and erotically teases his nipple before continuing to tickle his body. Joe's ripped muscles tense up as he laughs and moans at the same time, and Franco can't take it any more. He cuts Joe out of his underwear and blindfolds him with it. Franco tickles Joe's furry hole and torso with a wispy paintbrush and feathers, which turns Joe on even more. Joe squirms and thrusts his hips as Franco tickles his ribs and tight stomach. At last, Franco sucks Joe off, first making him shoot his load, then tickling his sides while sucking his cock and balls. And there's more!Franco tickles Joe's muscular legs and knees before removing his shoes and tickling his size 9 feet. He sucks Joe's toes and tickles his soles with fingers, brushes and feathers. Joe continues the squirming and moaning, overloaded with the sensations. And just when Joe thinks it's over, Franco climbs on top of him and tickles the last drop of energy out of him through his armpits.
Format: mp4
Duration: 39:08
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1756kbps
Audio: 30kbps

TickledHard - Joe D Wood
TickledHard - Joe D Wood

TickledHard - Joe D Wood
TickledHard - Joe D Wood

TickledHard - Joe D Wood

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