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» » Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015)
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Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015) Release Year: 2015
Cast: Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen
Genres: Lesbian
Video language: English
Two beautiful women - bosomy Kira Queen and pert-breasted Aurelly Rebel - laugh and chat while getting dressed one evening. But outside, slinking through the shadows, two faceless, camera-toting voyeurs are watching and waiting. Once theyre dressed the women go downstairs to the kitchen where they open a bottle of wine and share the first of many tender kisses, blissfully unaware that theyre being watched by the men lurking just outside their windows. When the lovers move to a sofa in the living room the pair of peepers scurry into new positions that afford them better views of the action as it unfolds. After shedding her blouse Aurelly helps Kira out of her jeans and eagerly begins to eat her pussy. After quickly bringing Kira to an intense peak of pleasure the twosome trade roles - now its Aurellys chance to recline and receive, and shes soon moaning with sexual delight. The uninhibited lesbian lovemaking the clandestine cameramen are witnessing has them fascinated and agitated, but even when Kira turns to directly face the window, spreads her long legs wide, and begins to finger her wet slit to a final orgasm they manage to remain undetected. Only later, as the satisfied girlfriends savor their shared afterglow, do they make enough noise to reveal their presence. Shocked and stunned, the lovers hurry to lower the shutters and the privacy-invading peepers race off into the night, bringing Stalker #2 to an exciting, if unsettling and ambiguous conclusion.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:05
Video: 1920x1080, AVC(H.264), 7508kbps
Audio: 93kbps

Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015)
Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015)

Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015)
Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015)

Aurelly Rebel, Kira Queen - Stalker 2 (2015)

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