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MormonBoyz - Elder Miller and President Wilcox For young men like Elder Miller, missionary service is 24 months. Mission Presidents, however, serve for 36 months. When Elder Miller arrived in the mission field, his first Mission President had just 12 months remaining before he was heading home. It bothered Elder Miller that President Carson would go home before him.

A few months after he was called as AP, his Mission President was saying his farewells.

Loosing his Mission President was devastating. He loved and looked up to this man. This was his mentor, and the man who had called him to be AP. His president had a special relationship with his assistants, and Miller hated the idea of loosing the personal attention he and Elder Hardt received every week.

But then Miller met President Wilcox, a strong and handsome man. During his first interview with Elder Miller, the new Mission President revealed that he knew all about the special relationship President Carson had with his assistants.

Elder Miller, I couldnt be happier to hear from President Carson that you have been a faithful assistant. An AP serves at the pleasure of his Mission Presidentand in whatever way the president needs him. President Carson had a lot of praise for his two assistants.

President Wilcox leaned in, put his hand on the inside of Millers thigh, and smiled while looking him in the eye. Can I count on a strong working relationship with you as my assistant while Im getting a handle on my new calling?

From that point forward, all Elder Miller wanted was to win the praise and admiration of this man. Elder Miller stared trustingly into the older mans eyes and said Yes! Needless to say, his first interview had a very happy ending.

The first few weeks as Mission President turned out to be quite stressful. Looking after the wellbeing of one hundred 19 year old boys can be draining. To help him relax, President Wilcox would strip and fuck his young assistants at the mission home every chance he got.

And there was nothing he seemed to love more than fucking Elder Millers perfect ass.

Elder Miller possesses all the qualities that make a Mormon missionary great: hes humble and obedient; hes happy and eager to please; hes really handsome; and he has an amazing body, a gorgeous cock and he loves getting his hole stuffed.

Just touching the boys muscles through his clothes gives the older man a boner. After stripping off the boys shirt and pants, he lifts up the missionarys garments and drools over his young muscular body.

President Wilcox licks the boys balls and dick, he loves the taste of him. As he blows Miller, he thinks about the young mans tight little hole, how good it tastes, and how good it will feel to once again slide his big dick into the boy. Slowly, making the kid whimper as he sinks in to his balls.

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MormonBoyz - Elder Miller and President Wilcox
MormonBoyz - Elder Miller and President Wilcox

MormonBoyz - Elder Miller and President Wilcox
MormonBoyz - Elder Miller and President Wilcox

MormonBoyz - Elder Miller and President Wilcox

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