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Male Officer Humiliated Video language: Japanese
A police officer has a habit of looking at magazines which features girls in lingerie whenever he is left alone at night in the station. He has s fetish of being completely feminize by wearing sexy lingerie. His fellow female officers will make his dream come true with added humiliation as they abuse and punish him for being a sissy perverted officer. As they caught him flipping thru the pages of a magazine and finding a set of lingerie on his desk, these mean female cops stripped his clothes off. They found out that under his autocratic uniform lies a feeble man. They degrade him more by taking off his red pair of lingerie and making him sniff it with both his wrists handcuffed. As they mock and tease him these nasty female officers unbuttoned their top revealing their succulent breasts. As they gave him multiple nipples pinching, they told the poor guy that a sexy bra is better on big natural boobs. But this was just the appetizer of the session of humiliation that is about to happen to him.

Male Officer Humiliated

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Male Officer Humiliated