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STR8Hell - Paul Belonek - Spanking Studio:
Our sexy Paul Belonek is in for a punishing time, from Ondra Radni. He is gagged and shackled and in a pair of ladies panties as Ondra uses a whip in him. Paul moans through his gag, and squirms, trying to avoid the lashing. Ondra continues unabated, beginning to spank that hot ass through the panties. He wedges the panties in Pauls ass crack and spanks and whips that hot ass. Pauls moans become more frantic as he feels every stroke. Ondra turns him and pulls Pauls cock out, grabbing at his balls too as he continues to whip him. Then Ondra rips those panties off exposing that ass and big, soft cock. Paul can do nothing to prevent it all and gets more and more frantic in his desire to be free. Ondra grabs that ass and spreads it to examine the hole and then moves Paul onto his knees, removing his gag too. His ass is available and a toy is quickly shoved into the hole. When in place more spanking of those sore cheeks occurs, with the toy being fucked in and out of that sexy ass. Ondra pulls on Pauls big balls too and grabs his cock, wanking it. He puts Paul over his knees and grabs his sore ass, spanking it some more. Then he is made to sit up, on his master, as his nipples get grabbed. His final punishment is to wank his massive dick until it shoots a big load for his master.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:54
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2929kbps
Audio: 81kbps

STR8Hell - Paul Belonek - Spanking
STR8Hell - Paul Belonek - Spanking

STR8Hell - Paul Belonek - Spanking
STR8Hell - Paul Belonek - Spanking

STR8Hell - Paul Belonek - Spanking

File size: 395.4 MB