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MormonBoyz - Elder Foster - Appointment With The Mission President MorMonBoyz - Elder Foster - Appointment With The Mission President

Over the course of his missionary service, Elder Foster?s ideas about right and wrong have been turned upside down.

He entered the mission as a 19 year old virgin. He had been raised to believe that sex outside of marriage was sinful, and that sex between men was the most evil kind. It was against the commandments even to fantasize about other men.

But his first companion had been so hot that the young man couldn?t help himself. He had never seen such a sexy Mormon boy, and before long the two of them had broken the law of chastity together.

Elder Foster had been racked with guilt, but that didn?t prevent him from having sex with his companion again and again. Each time they did, his secret shame grew more and more unbearable.

His shame and fear were worst when he had to be around one of his priesthood leaders. He knew that he should confess all the dirty things he had done, and repent of them, and never do them again, but he didn?t dare to.

Then one day, one of the sexiest of these leaders, Bishop Angus, had insinuated that the highest, most secret order of the priesthood was conferred by insemination, and that membership involved copious amounts of sex.

Bishop Angus had gladly begun the initiation process for the handsome boy, inspecting his body thoroughly before pounding the boy?s tight hole.

Elder Foster had been overwhelmed with desire, and afterwards he felt happier than he had ever been before.

But that doesn?t mean his confusion had disappeared. It is hard for him to overcome the guilt and shame he feels, even though the older men of the priesthood have made clear that his unquestioning obedience is required.

Adding to his confusion is the fact that he doesn?t know what?s next for him. Will he be physically punished before he?s accepted to the order?Who else will work over his ass?And will he be asked to do more painful or humiliating things before he?s admitting?

He doesn?t have to wait long to find out. Hoping to quiet his fears and doubts, he requests a private meeting with the Mission President, a stern older man who has always intimidated the boy.

Elder Foster is afraid to confess what he has been up to, but he knows it?s the only way he?ll find peace. What he doesn?t know, yet, is that the Mission President is also part of the order, and that he is planning to use this interview to further the boy?s sexual education and bring him ever closer to full acceptance in the brotherhood.

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MormonBoyz - Elder Foster - Appointment With The Mission President
MormonBoyz - Elder Foster - Appointment With The Mission President

MormonBoyz - Elder Foster - Appointment With The Mission President

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