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Naked and whimpering Cast: Ricardo
Video language: English
Naked and whimpering, Ricardo has sunk into a nightmare of submissive misery. Trembling with fear and red from flogging, he blindly obeys as I order him to crawl over to me... only to be rewarded with even nastier treatment than before.
We grind Ricardo's tearful face into both our crotches, giving him a cruel taster of his upcoming torments. I demand Ricardo wanks Jake's hard bulge as I maul his own heavy cock and balls. He cries out in distress and disgust as his most intimate parts are manhandled by men.
After putting the clamps back on Ricardo's already red and tender nipples, we bend him over and slap his legs apart. I cram my finger up his twitching virgin arsehole, making him tense his buttocks, trying to get rid of the painful intrusion.
My finger is nothing, however, compared to the cold steel hook he's about to have rammed up his arse. As I winch it higher and higher, he goes up on tiptoes to alleviate the pain, wobbling back and forth as he attempts to keep his balance.

Ricardo cowers away in terror as I march back towards him. How can I possibly make the situation worse?Tight pegs on his battered nipples, that's how. And with that, we leave him - staggering on his tiptoes to keep his weight off his burning arse... distracted only by the throbbing in his nipples.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:38
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2508kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Naked and whimpering
Naked and whimpering

Naked and whimpering
Naked and whimpering

Naked and whimpering

File size: 219.7 MB