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Warren In Stocks Studio: Tickled Hard
Its been a few months since Warrens last tickling session, so hes feeling pretty confident going into this one. He strips quickly and seems relaxed as Franco locks him into the foot stocks, but thats all about to change.
Franco tickles Warrens size 9 1/2 feet through his argyle socks, and immediately Warren begs for him to stop. Warren contorts his muscular young body every which way, but theres no breaking out of this bondage. The tickle torture is even more intense since he cant see whats about to happen to his feet. Franco tickles Warrens smooth feet with his fingers and a nubby soap saver, switching from one to the other and making Warren moan and laugh like a machine gun.
Halfway into the session, Franco leaves Warren tied up and goes to get an assistant. He brings back Milo, who has a blast helping him double-team Warren. They tickle his sensitive soles and in between his little toes until hes red in the face and can barely breathe. Its so intense that when Franco finally releases Warrens hand, he smacks Milo and leaves a big red handprint on his back!
Format: mp4
Duration: 17:31
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1689kbps
Audio: 30kbps

Warren In Stocks
Warren In Stocks

Warren In Stocks
Warren In Stocks

Warren In Stocks

File size: 221.2 MB