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» » Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003
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Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003 Release Year: 2003
Studio: Insex
Cast: Donna, Ariel
Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber
Video language: English
Two new applicants are introduced to insex and each other in a trying dual interview.

The first candidate, 21 year-old donna, is a college student eager to explore. PD familiarizes her with the ropes straight off, cinching elbows together behind her back and forming a neat loop around her neck.

Kneeling stoically on a harsh metal box, donna submits herself to be deconstructed. Her dress is peeled back, exposing voluptuous tits. Rope tugs her neck forward and restrains her legs in position.

Ready to test his next prospective, PD releases her from the box hes been using as a waiting room and stores donna on the top shelf for later use.

After crawling to her seat, ariel, a 24 year-old intern, admits that most of her BDSM experience has been on the other side of the ropes. Binding her arms behind her back parallel, PD begins to give her a new perspective.

He offers the flamy-haired vixen to donnas head, which pokes expectantly from her metal encasement. Instructed to take care of ariel, the head kisses her and sucks her tits. PD then binds ariels foot in donnas mouth to tickle the toes with her tongue.

Next, ariels head is locked into the box for donna to entertain while PD occupies her body. Spreading her knees, he thrusts a dildo into her cunt. Moans echo from within the case as the vibrator is brought to her ripe clit. But instead of letting her orgasm, he introduces her unguarded ass to a flogger, coloring the pale flesh rosy.

Ariel then gets her turn to kneel on the box; she falters as the aches become too much to bear. PD helps her stay in position, fettering her legs and lifting her arms up in strappado. He stuffs a cloth in her open mouth then stretches her clamped nipples, pulling fleshy breasts taut. She releases a muffled groan of frustration when Mr. Pogo penetrates her exposed pussy.

In the end, once again PD sets his captive free. Ariel reveals that she enjoyed the session and likes pushing herself and seeing what she can take. Lucky for her shes come to the right place.

Format: real
Duration: 57:30
Video: 320x240, RV30
Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003
Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003

Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003
Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003

Insex - Introduction (Donna, Ariel) - 2003

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