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Thierry Master and Richy Dime Studio: FrenchDudes
Thierry Master and Richy Dime are getting in some soccer practice at an old abandoned building. After kicking the ball back and forth a bit, Thierry makes a comment about the way Dime plays, You play like a gay guy. Richy says So?Let me show you how good I play with different kind of balls. Dropping to his knees as Thierry drops his sweats. Theres a nice cock and set of balls for you to play with Richy.
After working on Thierrys cock, Thierry reaches around the back of Richy and shows Richy how well he plays deep end. Id love to play in Richys deep end and judging by the look of Thierrys hard cock, I think he has the same thing on his mind. Thierry first sucks our sexy little studs cock and we get a great look at a sexy firm tight young ass.
As the two men start fucking, it becomes obvious just how good at pleasing men Richy is and takes the sport very seriously. Lots of practice Id say watching the positions these two get into. No matter what angle, Richy has one of the sexiest young asses and Im finding it harder and harder to type with one hand. The two men move the action outside and our cameraman is quick to zoom in tight from behind.
Backing off and filming from a distance, its hot to watch as this coach gives his trainee a good workout. When its time to score the coach stands over Richy and shows us his handywork and blows a hefty thick load all over Richy who bobs about soaking himself.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:42
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1214kbps
Audio: 153kbps

Thierry Master and Richy Dime
Thierry Master and Richy Dime

Thierry Master and Richy Dime
Thierry Master and Richy Dime

Thierry Master and Richy Dime

File size: 207.8 MB