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Insex - No Escape - Angelica, 731 Studio: Insex
Cast: Angelica, 731
Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber
Video language: English
Helpless and disoriented, Angelica and 731 are driven far from help and sucked into the singular world of a man intent on tormenting them according to his whim.

The two girls lie in the back of the dark van, their wrists and ankles cuffed. They kick the door, calling for help. He hears them and gags them both, taping their mouths, and locking their wrists to their ankles so that they can no longer kick or scream. He drives through a rainy countryside. As the windshield wipers clack back and forth, their moans can be heard coming from the rear of the van. He stops the van and drags out angelica, then slams the doors on 731, still chained and gagged, powerless and alone in the back of the van.

Both girls are naked and their upper bodies tightly bound, the ropes digging into their soft skin. Both are hooded, and wear mitts upon their hands. They work together, trying to get free, able to shuffle about and investigate the space where they are held captive. One manages to slide the blindfold from her eyes. He enters the barn before they can use this to their advantage. For punishment, he locks the girl's head into a hole in the floor. She's left that way, her arms still bound back, kneeling, seemingly headless, screaming down into the dark.

The two girls, naked and in strappado, literally dance on their tiptoes, barely able to keep balance. The rope that yanks their arms up and behind with such ruthlessness, runs from Angelica's wrists to 731's, so that if one sinks downward, the other has her arms wrenched upward. They tippy-toe in small circles, moaning, worn from the immense strain. Birds twitter outside the barn as the girls sweat and strain, barely able to endure this simple torture. He appears and tosses rocks along the floor for them to stand upon. He canes both girls and leaves them alone again with their strain, the welts from the cane rising on the round cheeks of each ass. They position the stones in order to give them just those few inches. Just a little. When you're beyond relief, you'll take whatever you can get.

731 and Angelica lie on the floor of the barn, bound together in a dual hogtie. As in the strappado, the rope is used to make one girl the source of torment for the other. The ankles of each are bound to a ligating rope about the neck of the other. Any attempt to straighten their legs will strangle the other girl. He returns. The game he plays with them is devilish, caning one girl's feet until she begs him to cane the feet of the other. They both try to endure the cane to save the other, driving themselves deeper into the endlessness of his torture.

Each is attached to a ring in the wall by a tight cord about the neck, slowly strangling. He enters and opens two rusty metal doors, revealing a small chamber beneath the floor. He removes Angelica and hoists her by her wrists, then drops her into the chamber. 731 receives the same treatment, so that they are both below floor level. He locks a grate over the top, then closes the metal doors with a clang. When he returns, he lowers the grate, so that their chamber is much reduced. When they beg for mercy, he lowers the grate even farther so that they are squashed together, their bodies wound about one another, pressed into one flesh. They scream and cry out. As he walks away, their voices rise as if from nowhere, from his new form of hell.

Format: real
Duration: 1:01:09
Video: 320x240, RV30
Audio: 43kbps

Insex - No Escape - Angelica, 731
Insex - No Escape - Angelica, 731

Insex - No Escape - Angelica, 731
Insex - No Escape - Angelica, 731

Insex - No Escape - Angelica, 731

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