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Ela Darling - Stunning Ela Darling Studio: Sexuallybroken
Pretty pale Ela Darling looks too refined to be bound down and stuffed full of of big dick. Luckily for us, looks can be deceiving. This classic beauty craves the tight bondage and the dick as only Sexuallybroken can dish out. Today is going to be a good day.
Bound face down ass up in a doggystyle position that leaves both ends completely exposed and wide open for use, all of Elas holes are begging for the dick. The belt bondage keeps her thin limbs firmly in place, she can not wiggle away or escape the cock. We walk up and sheath ourselves balls deep into that eager mouth. We follow that up with 10 inches of BBC right up that tight pussy as we turn Ela into a double stuffed oreo.
Back and forth we swap, making full use of those tight well trained holes. 10 inches of black thunder owns Elas tender pink flesh as she gasps in overwhelming pleasure and her eyes spin in her skull. The facefucking destroys her hair, the drool destroys her heavy eye makeup and Ela ends up looking like a sad eyed dick loving panda. This slut is being shown her proper place-on the end of a hard dick.
We do not walk away until we have had our fill, leaving our bound beauty gasping in her restraints. That flawless ass juts up in the air, inviting and tempting any cock that might come by. We will most certainly be back for more when we feel the need...
Format: mp4
Duration: 15:34
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Ela Darling - Stunning Ela Darling
Ela Darling - Stunning Ela Darling

Ela Darling - Stunning Ela Darling
Ela Darling - Stunning Ela Darling

Ela Darling - Stunning Ela Darling

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