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Ninja Cum Mission 1 Studio: Japanboyz
Using his stealth and cunning, this Ninja needs to acquire the cum of Hisoka Botan, a sexy hot Asian twink. In this Japnaboyz video of Ninja Cum Mission, its up to the mercenary to get what he came for, using his astute warrior ways.
Entering his apartment, Hisoka doesnt even suspect there is something in the cupboard for him to eat. As he opens the door, a Ninja dressed in sexy silk, lets Hisoka know that his life will be spared, if and only if, he cooperates. Throwing the boy to the bed, the Shinobi makes quick work of Hisokas shirt, and then lavishes the boy, orally. Lying still, as he grows, Hisoka is cooperating nicely.
This assassin does a great job of working Hisokas knob; he then slides on a cock ring to heighten their pleasure. Hisoka accommodates the covert agent, with his mouth. Swallowing whole, the Ninja responds with moans and gasps. Placing a cock ring on himself, the mercenary gets Hisoka into a hot 69. Both boys work hard at stimulating one another. As they rub and grind on each other, the Ninja takes a last lick.
On his back with a finger up him, Hisoka opens wide and acquiesces to the demands of his captor. Milking the boy as he is finger fucked, the Shinobi shows great skill in his endeavor. Sliding inside the boy with his weapon, the Ninja pounds quickly while he continues to stroke Hisokas dick. The two then share a very deep and arousing kiss before Hisoka is turned over, doggy style.
Pumping from behind, the assassins ability to over-power his partner is exhilarating. The camera zooms in to capture the deep penetration of this mercenary. Pulling out just in time to wet his partners back, the Ninja is not done; he needs to get Hisokas liquid.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:06
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 4387kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Ninja Cum Mission 1
Ninja Cum Mission 1

Ninja Cum Mission 1
Ninja Cum Mission 1

Ninja Cum Mission 1

File size: 502.9 MB