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My Best Friend Dad - Frank's back - Frank Clayton Studio: My Best Friend Dad
Here is a slightly less bulky Frank Clayton than the one we met last year and although he wasn't too thrilled to have just turned 37 when we met up with him again we think Frank is looking even more handsome. Alot of changes have been happening in this big man's life, some positive and some quite sad.
Test of Strength
During the summer of 2010 we went to see Frank at one of his Strongman tournaments(picture set inside). These national competitions are held indoors and out, throughout the year, and involve pulling trucks amongst other things and are a great way to get amateur weightlifters competing against eachother. Frank had entered one such event quite casually only to find himself winning second prize. It was clear he was a natural and he soon became addicted to the lifestyle of intense working out and the camaraderie of gym life.
Trophy Husband
Frank's mind was already racing ahead and he had now set his sights on proper bodybuilding competitions; put simply these pageants are less about picking up a tractor with your elbows and more to do with bulking up to enormous proportions and painting yourself the colour of treacle. At the time Frank's wife was totally committed to supporting her hubby as he doubled in size and won a few trophies; she seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting and was even turned-on at seeing her husband getting the porn star treatment on this very website.
Private Parties
It was therefore quite sad to hear that Frank's wife had completely changed her stance on his career. The Facebook fans(mainly female)and just the attention in general had suddenly had a very negative effect on the relationship, so much so that the pair are now separated, even though Frank is still very much love with his wife and not looking for any other woman to take her place.
Following the sudden closure of Frank's local gym it seemed for a while that nothing was going his way so we were glad to get the call again from him for more work. Of course bad times come and go for us all but we can already see Frank's frame swelling and the bodybuilding career is now up and running again. We know you will enjoy hearing what kind of party Frank enjoyed for his thirty-seventh birthday and relish the site of his ejaculation especially for his fans here at MBFD.

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My Best Friend Dad - Frank's back - Frank Clayton
My Best Friend Dad - Frank's back - Frank Clayton

My Best Friend Dad - Frank's back - Frank Clayton
My Best Friend Dad - Frank's back - Frank Clayton

My Best Friend Dad - Frank's back - Frank Clayton

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