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Capoeira 3 Studio: French Connection
Due to lack of time in my reviewing capabilities, I let another of my esteemed co-horts take on the review for Capoeira 2. But when I saw the third one was coming out, I dropped what I was doing, begged and pleaded with my editor, and won my case for reviewing this third installment. Damned glad I did too, because Capoeira 3 is just as hot and steamy as the first two; maybe even better.
Once again we are whisked away to some exotic Brazilian locale, and once again we are treated to the delicious site of the cast performing various rites and routines of Capoeira - an athletic ritual combining martial arts, gymnastics, and ballet. Thats the best way to describe it. Another way is calling it a body-bending form of foreplay, because their scissor-kicks and backflips sure got me riled up and ready to stroke.(If they can move like this dressed, imagine... oohhh.)
Once again, theres no plot whatsoever, merely a series of increasingly hot outdoor sessions with some incredibly beautiful medium to dark-skinned complexioned young men. The casts looks range from average with a bit of youthful blemishes, to nearly-gorgeous. Another thing I really liked about this installment is that the dick sizes ranged from average, to big and thick, to -can wide and long. In short, there was a little bit of representation for everyone. And thats just the way I like it.
While all these scenes worked for me, my favorite has to be the second-to-last, in which a slightly-dread-locked buff guy with an average-sized cock goes down on and takes up his butthole his wiry-but-swimmers-built-bodied companions monstrous uncut wedge of meat. The last scene(an in-the-field-romp between two nearly identical-looking shaved-headed hotties)had me jerking off right along with the show. As far as dick sizes go, both are definitely grow-ers as opposed to being show-ers. They plump when you cook em. The scene is cut a bit too fast, but its still very hot.
This installment lacks the super-squirt cumshots of other entries, and there are no facial shots this time either. In addition, some of the editing is a bit too jarring. A big plus, though: If you dig guys who moan while getting fucked, this could be the movie of the sea. There is so much loud moaning and grunting, you may want to keep the volume button on your remote handy.(Unless you dont care about your neighbors.)The DVD image was crisp and clean as well.
A simple yet incredibly effective video, Capoeira 3 is the best entry yet in what I hope will be an ongoing series. As long as the quality stays this good and the selection of models remains of this caliber, French Connection have themselves a certified winner.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:16:13
Video: 324x244, DivX 3, 378kbps
Audio: 250kbps

Capoeira 3
Capoeira 3

Capoeira 3
Capoeira 3

Capoeira 3

File size: 355.2 MB