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Naked Sword - Wilde Road Disc Two Cash, grass, or ass: no one rides for free. Join Christian Wilde in Wilde Road - the wildest ride of his life across Northern California!Along the way, he encounters a dirty trucker, watches Tantric sex, eats a plate of magic brownies, and learns a lesson in what it takes to be a man. Join the cast of super-hot men for a sexual trip that only director Mr. Pam and NakedSword Originals could take you on!"

If plot-heavy Wilde Road does one thing, it certainly starts on an unexpected note: Christian Wilde fucking a girl!What?! Did someone give me the wrong porn?Oh, wait, now Christian and Dylan Roberts are splashing around in the pool together thats more like it. But then a simple practical joke/come-on gone awry sends Christian away and back to his fishs house. What in the name of RuPaul is going here?After hitching a ride in Phillip Aubreys truck, Christian finds out that the old adage, Cash, grass, or ass: no one rides for free, is no thing of mere legend. The second after Phillip says drop your shorts, hes sucking Christians beautiful cock and soon shoving it up his ass roadside. Phillip is quite adept at taking a dick, and while straight Christian pretends not to enjoy a second of it, he nails him in every position that the beat-up pick-up truck can handle. Next thing you know, Christians load is joyously being lapped-up by Phillips mouth.

After a brief walk, Christian stumbles upon the hospitality of Jimmy Durano and Troy Daniels who hide his clothes while hes in the shower and try to convince him over breakfast that gay sex can be a mind, body, and soul thing, not always a creepy roadside fuck. They invite him to watch as they try to reach their higher level sexually. He does, but he also happens to eat a magical brownie he finds on the table. Jimmy and Troy put in a powerful and sensual performance, but by the time theyve shot their wads, they realize Christian has eaten all the brownies and is now tripping balls. Fun!They leave him in the trusty hands of houseboy Jessie Colter until he comes down. After a chase around the yard that involves a wheelbarrow and an Anthony Kiedis-style sock on Christians junk, the boys settle down on the hammock. Jessie ends up getting fucked in every position imaginable, before ending back in the wheelbarrow where he takes both his and Christians loads on his rippling stomach. Realizing he may have been remiss in fleeing Dylans semi-joking advance back at the pool, Christian borrows Jessies bike and hot-tails it back to his friend.

Christian finds Dylan right where he left him, in the pool. It doesnt take long for the action to ensue, and Dylan proves hes a pro at deep-throating a rock-hard cock(easily the best blowjob in the whole film). They fuck like champs though, to be honest, everyone in Wilde Road does and the scene ends on a somewhat emotional note with Christian asking Dylan if they can do this everyday. No shocker Dylan says we can do this whenever you want.

Christian Wilde, Troy Daniels, Jimmy Durano

While the film might be a fast-forward version of one mans sexual revolution, its a great reminder that things arent always what they seem, and sometimes we dont know ourselves until weve lived through certain experiences. Sexuality is becoming less important to define as it is to discover, and Wilde Road is a great example of that. I never imagined Id say this, but this film is more than porn. Sure, theres(exquisite)explicit fucking, but you also get the feeling that theres a deeper meaning to the plot: its like director Mr. Pam is trying to convey that every persons road to sexual discovery is different and we all know thats the truth. Either way, kudos to her for finding a way to combine life lessons with some of the best gay sex scenes Ive ever watched. Im touched and Im touching myself. What could be better?

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Naked Sword - Wilde Road Disc Two
Naked Sword - Wilde Road Disc Two

Naked Sword - Wilde Road Disc Two
Naked Sword - Wilde Road Disc Two

Naked Sword - Wilde Road Disc Two

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