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Female Orgasm Mastery :Why is it that 58% of women fake orgasms on a regular basis?Because men are NOT doing their jobs.
"If your penis is insufficient, watch this video and learn how to give a girl an orgasm so big that she'll giiggle like school girl and love you forever."
Female Orgasm Mastery is an instructional female orgasm video that will teach you to master ALL female orgasms including the squirting orgasm(female ejaculation).
Forget the squirting you may have seen in porn. There are much higher levels than that, and most people will never know about this
This is a total body awakening resulting in multiple orgasms that will affect your entire body.
Not only is this possible, but its actually quite simple when you know how to properly fine tune your body

Rewiev: Until I discovered the Female Masturbation Collection I had not seen any instructional videos on how to directly touch the clitoris and that is the primary focus here. These videos highlight different facets of female orgasm. From the visual signs of orgasm that can be seen and recognized, to a live anatomy lesson, changes in color, fullness and engorgement of the genitalia, to demonstrations of pleasurable ways to touch and stroke other parts of the body to heighten sensitivity.
I was impacted by how precise and deliberate the women touch themselves and I think deliberate is the key word here to describe what is happening. My partner and I found these women to be great role models of female sexuality. Men and women should see these videos, because they show a non-stereotypical view of female masturbation. This is not a glossy view of the female form but a nicely done realistic portrayal of women pleasuring themselves. Overall, I found them mind expanding and worth seeing.

Format: avi
Duration: 36:50
Video: 720x416, XviD, 2424kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Female Orgasm Mastery
Female Orgasm Mastery

Female Orgasm Mastery
Female Orgasm Mastery

Female Orgasm Mastery

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