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WH-Zdenek Jansta Studio:
Video language: English
Zdenek Jansta is aged 18 and lives in Plzen. He is a student who enjoys sporsl Ice-hockey and floorball. He does look so good in this shoot, with his handsome, smiling face. He has a slim body, which looks very fit as he lifts his tee-shirt to show off his abs. Then he removes the ree-shirt and we see a very nice body. Opening his jeans Zdenek poses, with his undies revealed. then it is off with the jeans, and thumbs tucked into the undies Zdenek looks very impressive. As he pushes them down we get a glimpse of Zdenek's cock before he turns around to show his sexy ass. Taking off the underwear he turns back and we get a great full-length view and how good he looks. He poses, with his hands behind his head, showing off his cock. Then he sits, relaxing a little. Moving onto his knees, back to camera Zdenek shows off that ass some more, before standing and pulling his foreskin. Then it is hard cock time and Zdenek stands with that dick at full attention. The balls are nice and tight at the base of the cock. It looks mighty impressive as he flexes his biceps. He sits again, leaning back with that cock so hard. Lifting his legs he then spreads his ass to show off his tight hole. He stands again for another series of poses, with a ball. His cock stays hard throughout the poses and then he finishes off on the floor, showing off that sexy ass hole again. He really does look very good indeed. His erotic video is sure to be a good one.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:47
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2480kbps
Audio: 120kbps

WH-Zdenek Jansta
WH-Zdenek Jansta

WH-Zdenek Jansta
WH-Zdenek Jansta

WH-Zdenek Jansta

File size: 320.5 MB