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Airport security (Roman, Mirek & Kamil) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Roman Klaska, Mirek Ceslar & Kamil Kladelko
Genres: Oral sex, Anal sex, Group Sex, Uniform, Piss, Cumshots, Facials, Muscle Hunks, Bondage, Safe sex, 720p
Roman Klasko, Kamil Kladelko and Mirek Ceslar feature in this Airport Security scene. It all starts with Mirek checking the paperwork for the latest passenger who is being investigated. Once he has read through the paperwork he bangs on the door with his nightstick for Roman to escort Kamil in. Kamil is cuffed and has his teeshirt pulled up over his head as a blindfold, to disconcert him. It seems that Mirek suspects Kamil of smuggling and tries to him to sign a confession. Kamil resists, defiantly, so Mirek decides to take things further. Kamil is to his knees and stripped completely. Once he is naked Mirek pulls his cock our of his uniform and starts to piss over Kamil, as Roman holds him so that he cannot get away. The piss gushes out of Mirek's cock and splashes all over Kamil, the stream seems never ending. Kamil is then gagged by a nightstick as the guys start to mistreat him. His arms are restrained by rope, to his legs and Mirek pulls on his nipples and slap them. A rope around his neck and swung from above holds Kamil in place as Mirek then starts to whip him, with Roman joining in as well. Kamil twists and turns trying to avoid the whips, but he cannot. Next he is made to kneel on the table for more of the whip, until Mirek brings a big metal hook. He shows it to Kamil and then proceeds to put it in his ass and fastens it to the ropes to hold it in place as they whip him again. There is no let-up for Kamil as Mirek pulls a hard cock out of his uniform and Kamil to suck it. Kamil does try to resist, but finds it impossible and starts to suck on the cock. Roman wants in on the action and pulls his cock out too. It is rock hard and Kamil's mouth is over the head and made to suck it. The guys are not finished with Kamil, whose cock seems to be getting hard all by itself. Mirek bend him over and rams his dick into Kamil's ass and starts to fuck him, with Roman pulling Kamils mouth down onto his cock as well. Mirek then lays on the table and Kamil is strung up over his cock as his ass can get some more hard fucking. Roman, meanwhile, has taken to Kamil's dick, which is big and hard, and sucks it while Mirek fucks. Mirek is nothing if not fair though, he gives up Kamil's ass for Roman to savor as well. Roman's big rod slips into that hole and he starts to fuck hard and fast. Kamil grabs his cock and wanks himself to a very nice cumshot while he is being fucke. While he is fucking Roman has another urge and pulls his cock out and lets go a big stream of hot piss all over Kamil. That sets Mirek off and he shoots a big load all over Kamil's face. At that point the guys decid to release Kamil, and he still hasn't signed a confession.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 35:17
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1936kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Airport security (Roman, Mirek & Kamil)

File size: 535.1 MB