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Superheroines In Jeopardy 2 Studio: Anton Productions
Sexy superheroine Golden Flame(Nina)gets a call to stop hot villainess Cat Burglar(Isabella)from stealing a precious diamond. Golden Flame changes into her skintight gold costume and goes to Cat Burglars secret hideout. When she arrives, Cat sneaks up on her and knocks her by striking her twice over the head with a club. Golden Flame wakes up bound to a chair. Cat injects Flame with a truth serum and probes her for information. Flame fights the serum and tries not to disclose any information but the is too strong. Cat unties the Golden Flame, lays her on the floor and undresses her. She caresses and fondles Golden Flame, squeezing her supple tits. Golden Flame wakes up and tries to crawl away. But Cat Burglar finds her and regains control by striking her in the head with a club again. Once Flame is down, Cat hogties her. Cat strips nude, mounts Flame and mocks her in her helplessness. Then, Cat puts on Golden Flames costume and kneels over her to rub their tits together. She blasts Golden Flame with a ray gun to make sure she stays put while Cat is out pretending to be her. Nina wakes up tied to the bed nude and gagged with duct tape. She is terrified and moans helplessly. Cat Burglar returns and sits a soaked cloth over Golden Flames face. Flame is too weak to knock the cloth off her face so she just has to inhale the fumes until her eyes roll back into her head and she passes out. Later, Cat Burglar comes back from her big heist and tortures Golden Flame with a ray gun, then leaves her there with no chance of escape in sight.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:05:51
Video: 320x240, SVQ3, 395kbps
Audio: 46kbps

Superheroines In Jeopardy 2
Superheroines In Jeopardy 2

Superheroines In Jeopardy 2
Superheroines In Jeopardy 2

Superheroines In Jeopardy 2

File size: 214.1 MB