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Wh - kaja and albert - screen test - full contact Studio:
Video language: English
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William Higgins Kaja and Albert Screen Test FULL CONTACT
Posted by admin on April 26, 2012 at 6:50 pm | Last modified: April 26, 2012 6:50 pm

We had already done solo shoots and a Broke Czech Boys with Albert Kroka and wanted to push him a bit further, so we paired him with Kaja Kolomaz for a screentest, to see how he would do. Kaja starts off by interviewing Albert and then begins to kiss him. Albert responds to the kisses and things are underway. Soon Alberts top is bare and the kissing continues. Kaja removes his top too and begins to kiss Alberts chest and nipples. Albert wants to show he can do it too and responds in kind. Then Kaja is feeling Alberts cock, thru his jeans, and soon they come off so that Kaja can suck that hard dick. His mouth works up and down on Alberts cock, lips closed tightly around it. Albert loves it and is rubbing Kajas back as he is sucked. Soon Kaja kisses Albert again, then it is his turn to be sucked. Albert shows he can do it, as he is on his knees, head bobbing up and down on that big cock. Kaja puts his hands on Alberts head and pushes it down onto his cock. Albert then moves up and kisses Kaja again. Kaja gets on his knees and presents his ass to Albert, who duly starts to lick it. His tongue works up and down the crack, settling on that hairy hole, as Kaja wanks himself. Albert is soon ready to go further and begins to finger that tight hole. Firstly with just one finger and then with two. When he judges it is ready he climbs on and pushes his big, thick cock into the waiting hole. He fucks that ass nice and deep, building up the speed as Kaja continues his wanking. Kaja is moaning with each thrust of Alberts cock. He clearly likes that dick in his ass as his cock stays rock hard. A change of position has Kaja sitting down on Alberts throbbing cock and riding it as he wanks himself. Kaja is really turned on by it all and wants some ass as well, so they swap places and Kaja fucks his rock hard cock into Alberts ass. He loves that hole and moves Albert to lay on the bed so he has better access and fucks him real hard and fast. Albert feels it deep and is moaning as his ass gets fucked. Kaja cant hold back and shoots his load over Albert who takes the cock in his mouth to clean it off. Then it is Alberts turn and he dumps a big creamy load over Kajas face, and in his mouth. Kaja loves it and suck that spent cock to drain it completely. Then he stands and kisses Albert to bring his screentest to an end. Albert certainly proved that he is up for anything in this scene, with Kaja again showing us how good he is too.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 28:34
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1937kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Wh - kaja and albert - screen test - full contact
Wh - kaja and albert - screen test - full contact

Wh - kaja and albert - screen test - full contact
Wh - kaja and albert - screen test - full contact

Wh - kaja and albert - screen test - full contact

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