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Elder Larsen - Interrogation Part 2 Studio: Mormonboyz
There are lots of things that President Woodruff loves about his interactions with the young Mormon boys under his jurisdiction: the way they look to him for guidance; the way they compete to please him and win his approval; the way they will submit happily to any punishment or humiliation that he can devise for them; the eagerness with which they suck his cock and present their tight holes to be pounded; the way that they can fuck for hours without getting tired; their seemingly endless supply of cum.
But his favorite thing has to be taking a boys anal virginity. The sounds they make as their tight cherries are opened wide for the first time, they way they squirm and try to get away from his inescapable cock, and the way that they finally submit and open their holes to him all of it makes for an overwhelming pleasure thats like no other.
And today hes having this singular experience with Elder Larsen. He has been preparing the young Mormon missionary for weeks. He has gently walked him through the preliminary steps: caressing the boy, kissing him, sucking his cock and fucking his face. All of it has led to this moment, to fucking the boy senseless, and now that the moment has arrived, he wants to make sure that he enjoys the encounter as much as possible.
He asks Elder Larsen to bring his companion, Elder Butler, along knowing that the boy will be eager to see his domineering companion get tamed and fucked. He has also decided to tie the handsome young man to his desk, cruciform, his arms spread wide and his head strapped down.
He wasnt sure how the macho missionary would react to this degradation, but he can immediately tell that the boy loves it. He does what hes told without a moments hesitation, and the older man can actually feel the boys tense body relax as hes given orders.
President Woodruff runs his hand down Larsens perfect naked body, from the nape of his neck along his muscular back to his firm ass and his tight hole. Elder Larsens hole puckers when the presidents hand grazes it, but when he holds his finger there and applies a gentle pressure, he feels the muscles relax and loosen around his thick finger.
Finally the moment arrives when the President pushes his hard dick in, piercing the boys vulnerable tight hole. The boy whimpers loudly as his asshole opens and the girthy cock slides in. Woodruff sinks all the way in until his big balls are resting on Larsens taint just below his skewered asshole. And when Woodruff is all the way in, he nudges the boy forward with his hips, pushing his throbbing erection in as deeply as he possibly can.
Elder Larsen can hardly breathe as President Woodruffs dick is slowly pulled back and then sinks all the way in again. Woodruff continues pushing in and just as slowly pulling almost all the way out, loosening the boys hole with long and deliberate fuck strokes.
Watching his dick slide in and out of young Elder Larsens tender backside he thinks to himself, This is going to be one epic fuck.
Gradually the loud gasps and whimpers turn to moans and the handsome older priesthood leader grabs the boy by his waist and proceeds to give Elder Larsen the pounding of a lifetime

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Elder Larsen - Interrogation Part 2
Elder Larsen - Interrogation Part 2

Elder Larsen - Interrogation Part 2
Elder Larsen - Interrogation Part 2

Elder Larsen - Interrogation Part 2

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