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Meanstreak Studio: Zfx Productions
Its late at night, and pretty blonde Kimberly is quietly sleeping in her bed. But behind her twitching eyelids lies forbidden lust for other women. Her quiet sleep is soon disrupted by dreams of wanton pleasure, her inner slut revealed. Kimberly likes other girls, but even more she wants them to be bound, gagged and subjugated as her own private playthu=ings. Kimberly subconsciously has a Meanstreak.
In Kimberlys bizarre dream she is a prostitute, taken in for the night by a rich beautiful redhead named Alisha. Little does Alisha know that in Kimberlys dream, her act of kindness is about to be rewarded with pain. After ging poor Alisha, Kimberly climbs on top of her paralyzed prisoner, jamming her tongue down her throat and tearing at her clothes, revealing Alishas delicate pink nipples and pert breasts. Bound and gagged by her sneering captor, Alisha is stripped to her panties as she is put through one humiliating ordeal after another. Watch as this once defiant redhead becomes a tightly bound and gagged lesbian plaything, willing to do anything to please her vicious tormentor. Both the whip and cattle prod are used to tame the feisty girl. Alisha is eventually coerced into servicing Kimberlys dripping mound and rock hard nipples alike.
But when Kimberly is caught off guard by her now vengeful captive, she finds her dream has turned into a painful nightmare. She is bound, legs spread wide and mouth taped shut to receive punishment. Alisha is all too happy to get revenge on her now helpless tormentor.
Meanstreak is an unflinching look deep inside the inner freak of a beautiful girl.
Format: avi
Duration: 1:06:02
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1585kbps
Audio: 125kbps




File size: 831.0 MB