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Guy: Double Target Genres: Action, Violence, SciFi, Mystery, Horror, Monsters, Splatter, Gore, Guro, Yuri
Video language: English
Gay - a player who constantly challenges fortune for profit. Together with co-worker Rena they get on the planet, a prison run by the tiransha. On this planet, a professor conducts experiments on prisoners, and as a result of the accident experiment gets out of control... This tells us about the first series. In the second scene of the series is completely different planet, a sort of utopia for the rogue, where power is confronted by powerful priests of the Golden Goddess - an idol made of pure gold, which wants to revive in order to obtain absolute power over all things. And Guy, in pursuit of the treasure becomes an unwitting participant in opposition to the universal evil

Guy: Double Target

Total size: 695.2 MB in 3 files.
Guy: Double Target