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Fit For A Man Studio: Falcon-Jocks
Sex is too irresistible to ignore for these businessmen who soon get down to the business at hand- releasing the tensions of their stress filled jobs. This is the kind of place that suits these men to a T- a perfect fit!
1. Musclestud Tony Zerega joins Jake Andrews in a frenzy of masculine desire. Sucking, fucking, rimming and coaxing are all part of this scorching erotic encounter!
2. Peter Wilder, Zack Alexander, Jake Andrews
Peter Wilder eagerly worships sling-bound Zack Alexanders cock and balls. Zack returns the oral affections as Jake Andrews joins in on the action. Soon the three men are enraptured in a tight, satisfying daisy-chain which ends in a triumvirate of thick, pearly fountains.
3. Kyle Becker stumbles across a captive Ja Fox. Kyle teases Ja with his stiff cock...letting Ja settle into a good suck and then withrawing to another corner of the cage. Ja greedily pursues Kyles hard prick and Kyle rewards his captive by fucking him through the bars. Finally, Kyle strokes himself off...all over his desirous devoted captive.
4. Nick Yeager, Paul Adams, Kyle Becker, Tony Zerega
Nick Yeager warms up watching Paul Adams throat Kyle Beckers rod. With Tony Zeregas encouragement, Nick dives in and sucks his colleagues cock with lusty abandon. The sex-driven quartet works itself into an erotic frenzy....searching mouths, straining cocks, soothing manly encouragement. Paul sucks his own cock while Tony plows into his hole. Finally the foursome sit back and stroke themselves to satisfaction. Enjoying the kind of entertainment thats Fit for a Man!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:21:23
Video: 720x544, AVC(H.264), 2039kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Fit For A Man
Fit For A Man

Fit For A Man
Fit For A Man

Fit For A Man

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