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Homens - Boxe Boys Brasil (2010) "Boxe", as youve probably guessed, is "boxing" or "boxer" in Portuguese, and this films action revolves around that - everything taking place in the boxing ring.
The videos premise is simple - after a bout, these boys(or men)need something else, if not just to wind down. This translates into sexual trysts on the ring floor, in twos or threes. Based on this, director John Doll and studio Homens Brasil have produced something quite watchable. The cast of actors splits into two types - the lean and muscled(though not as sinewy as say Cazzo), and the heavier-set; and the sex is straightforward.
Quality, both video and audio, is very good(9/9)although the film initally looked "boxy"(sorry I couldnt resist that). If your player allows a Widescreen aspect(16:9), you should set it so and the videos look will improve.
I recommend this. As they say on the cover "um nocaute de prazer entre tapas e beijos"(a knockout of pleasure between slaps and kisses)- whats not to dislike?

They fight till you drop and then they need something more relaxing. Who can blame them as being healed, sweaty and delicious?
Format: avi
Duration: 1:43:46
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1995kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Homens - Boxe Boys Brasil (2010)
Homens - Boxe Boys Brasil (2010)

Homens - Boxe Boys Brasil (2010)
Homens - Boxe Boys Brasil (2010)

Homens - Boxe Boys Brasil (2010)

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