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Limited Edition I've been feeling the erotic gaze of WaAkira her female teacher, Yu.
To the line of sight of Akira-chan that would follow in the eye Jitto your body that has a cleaning away, It's easy and moist gradually faintly.
Yu invites gently in his place you do not Idase from myself.
Treatment, Shiyo tsuka
Is it was going to increase the monopoly point, Yu for feeding the magic words that squeeze the Akira-chan openly is not so sweet world.
Are you peep quietly scruffy appearance of Nuku Yu, squeezed in Mitsutsubo and hungrily entanglement in the obscene It was a childhood friend of Shana-chan.
Lie Yu to face Anna and Akira"
Yu's action after, was going to jump out and left behind at the been stretched to the top of the pubic bone and the natural hand of Shana-chan will continue to stare.
Stand up and head there is only now, Shana-chan appeared in front of Akira-chan.
"Wawawawa, even I, nicely about treatment, I can"
It's goes out of control Shana-chan while becoming red, resulting in out sucking momentum to first experience at a stretch as it is.
Shana-chan actually satisfy the desire for love Akira-chan, and I think the thing of me with this also to appear well fleeting, timing It is a TakashiMika teacher.
"Mou, Tara Akira-kun, it emanated me, I are you asked to treatment to everyone"
Takashi Mika teacher pushes the Shana-chan surprised on the waist of the Akira-chan,It's easy to tighten in the honey pot full of nectar robbing cock forcibly.
But, Yu came back such a situation is Orimashi staring

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Limited Edition
Limited Edition

Limited Edition
Limited Edition

Limited Edition

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