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Vaughn Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
Vaughn is a handsome, outdoorsy type of guy, who plays guitar, piano and drums. We're going to see what it sounds like when he plays with himself!
While Vaughn says he gets the most compliments on his shoulders(and rightfully so they are amazing)he thinks his best feature is his face. He has great features that would turn your head if you saw him at a club or at a baseball field. Personally, I sort of fell in love with him when he first spoke.
Vaughn has an amazing deep voice that sort of makes your knees go weak when you listen to him. Combine that voice with his amazing eyebrows, ripped muscles, and big cock, he will definitely inspire some fantasies!
Vaughn works out a lot in his spare time, and if he's not in the gym, he likes to be outside. He likes boxing, longboarding and baseball. He shows off his longboard as we take photos and it is long enough for anyone to enjoy a great ride on it.
Vaughn says he likes for a girl to be in charge and take control, he gets off on it. The riskiest place he's had sex was a neighborhood playground on Halloween night. He's not one for public sex, normally, but after this, he may change his mind.
Vaughn sits down and strokes his cock. His dick is long and thick and curves upward. As he jerks his dick, he rubs his chest, feeling those hard pecs.
Vaughn jerks faster and bends over the chair. He blasts his load onto a towel and says he was thinking about his ex-girlfriend as he came. Her loss is our gain!