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Hairy Boyz 4 Release Year: 2002
Studio: Raging Stallion
Cast: Tom Vacarro, Eric Evans, Brent Banes, Buck Philips, Michael Soldier, Joe Stack, Matt McGrath, Aaron Tanner, Mark Evrett
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Compilation, Muscle Men, Hairy, Masturbation
First up is the classic pairing of Raging Stallion Exclusive Eric Evans and Brent Baines in a leather-sex muscle worship fuck flick that has been hailed as one of the classic scenes of all time. When directors Chris Ward and J.D. Slater filmed this pair, they decided to focus on Eric's amazing chest - those mounds of ripped, toned flesh and their coating of beautiful brown hair. This scene is a dream cum true for all fans of the masculine male form!
Next up we find another hairy sex god, Buck Philips, in a stairway scene with New Yorker Aaron Tanner. Aaron, with his wonderful tattoos, never looked better, especially as he plays with Buck's thick hairy chest. Amazing oral action is followed by some of the best fucking we have ever filmed. Watch as Buck's six pack abs writhe and ripple with every deep thrust!Another must see scene from the studio that delivers masculine men!
Who exemplifies the hairy masculine male better than Mark Evrett?This man, one of the hottest hairy hunks of all time, offers up a short solo in this film. Shot at dusk on the desert near Palm Springs, Mark wacks his huge meat while showing off his perfect pecs!Mark is Mr. Raging Stallion in this performance!
What Raging Stallion film does not offer a bit of kink?Well, Hairy Boys 4 gives us a classic scene between he-man Joe Stack and hairy man extraordinaire Matt McGrath. This pair starts off with some pretty standard oral sex, which takes a twisted turn pretty fast!Before long Joe ties up Matt's huge hanging balls with the tie strings from his heavy leather boots - with his boots still attached!Then he proceeds to fill up the boots with metal scraps, Matt's gonads lower and low as they pull half a foot away from his arched body!As Matt growls in delight, Joe takes out a twelve inch long metal rod and shoves it down Matt's piss hole, fucking his giant cock from the inside!As the rod nearly disappears, Joe takes Matt's tortured cock in his mouth and gives him a vigorous blow job, while his cock is pulled by weights and stuffed with iron!But it doesn't end there!Joe turns Matt over and fucks his ass in a pounding to be remembered, while Matt fucks his cock with his iron rod at the same time!With all this action, the cum shots are huge and furious!Of course, this whole scene is shot to showcase the wonderful, hairy torsos each of these men have.
For a grand finale we find Michael Soldier paired with Tom Vacarro, one of the grand legends of Raging Stallion erotica. The two are working outside in a garden. It is hot. They are sweaty. They get horny. And so the plot goes on... Tom's huge cock is something to behold, and Soldier eagerly takes good measure of this giant throbbing tool. Tom's perfect hairy physique stands out against the blue sky like a Greek statue, his pecs pulsing in sexual delight as Soldier services his cock. And when the fucking begins, eyes pop open as the controversial footage begins. In a practice now called dipping, the Raging Stallion team pushed the limits of safe sex right to the edge, as Tom's cock head almost goes too far before they get out the condoms. These guys were so into each other that the Raging Stallion team had to keep them under restraints until they could suit up for a proper safe sex fucking. Some of the controversial footage got into the move. No harm was done, but boy is this stuff edgy!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:55:09
Video: 352x240, XviD, 1419kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Hairy Boyz 4
Hairy Boyz 4

Hairy Boyz 4
Hairy Boyz 4

Hairy Boyz 4

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