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Catalinaville Studio: Catalina
What happens when the wrong piece of information falls into the right hands?Catalina Exclusive Steve Rambo portrays a computer specialist who receives a mysterious computer disk. End of story?Hardly!Someone else wants the information on that disk, and theyll stop at nothing to get it. Join Steve Rambo and a cast of 22 horny hunks for a tale of mystery, action, romance, and hard-pounding man-to-man sex!
Steve Rambo and Brad King are busy enjoying each others cocks in a boat off the coast of Catalina Island. Steve has Brad spend the night. Steve gets a call from his buddy Doug Jeffries, one of his accounts in Chicago. Doug is in a jam, there is a virus in the companys system and he needs Steves help to get it out. Theres one problem, Doug cuts the call short cause hes got to download his hard driver into janitor James West.
Sedona, Arizona. Disguised as a caterer, Steve lands himself at the home of Richard Carpazien, owner of Sedona Hardware and the disk, for which Steve needs a password. The desert heat gets the guys going. Tony Bullit, Cole Tucker, and Vinnie Baldini do some 3-way butt munching and cock sucking. Damon Wolf serves his man-hole to a super hard Sam Crockett. Paul Morgan, Matthew Anders, and Santiago exchange blow jobs in the pool.
Everyone is occupied and Steve goes into the house and is caught by Cole Tucker, who gives Steve throat spanking for being such a bad guy. Steve leaves the house with the password and heads for Chicago, in hopes of getting the information to his pal Doug. Realizing hes been had, Carpazien sends his thugs off to Chicago in a man hunt for Steve.
Steve leads the guys on a chase that ends up at the International Mr. Leather Contest. There, he runs into Tony Tedesco and Mark Hamiliton indulging in some tea room trade. Tony Zerega, Max Grande, Cliff Parker, and Antonio help Steve escape with a plan that involves the five of them in a fuck session with Cole Tucker back stage.
We wont tell you how Steve Rambo gets out of this one, but we will tell you that CatalinaVille puts the action into all-male action!From Catalina

Format: avi
Duration: 1:55:10
Video: 464x348, AVC(H.264), 1297kbps
Audio: 218kbps




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