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Club Inferno - Wrist Wranglers Genres: Fetish
1. Cory Jay, James Aaron
Fisting legend Cory Jay meets his match in Club Inferno Exclusive James Aaron. The two connect in the barn where Jay discovers Aaron has inserted a fat butt plug in his tight hole as instructed. Jay probes Aaron's ass with a dildo then stops to lube up his fat paws; but Aaron can't wait. He shoves his own fist in his greedy hole proving he's the ultimate fist pig. Jay expertly fists Aaron while milking his huge cock. Jay wants to see Aaron's rosebud and Aaron does not disappoint.
2. Jackson Lawless, Alessio Romero
Major assplay rocks the ranch when Club Inferno Exclusive Jackson Lawless meets Alessio Romero in the barn. Lawless immediately bends over to welcome Romero's probing tongue followed by a lineup of huge butt toys. Of course Romero's main objective is to get his greasy fists up the horny cowboy's ass. Lawless rolls over on his back and opens wide, taking most of Romero's forearm deep in his hole until he pops a bright red rosebud and Romero's fat cock oozes a thick load.
3. David Novak, Kyler Rogue
David Novak lassos Kyler Rogue and pulls the young cocksucker onto his hard cock. Novak fucks Rogue's face then lays him spread-eagle over a barrel and begins to probe his ass with his fingers and tongue. Next he grabs a huge dildo and loosens Rogue's hole so he can shove his fist deep inside. The tables are turned when Novak jumps up on the barrel and Rogue fucks his hole with an enormous dildo until he shoots his load.
4. Alessio Romero, Evan Matthews
After a long day roping and riding, Alessio Romero returns to the barn. This time he's determined to break in Club Inferno Exclusive Evan Matthews, undoubtedly the wildest ride on the ranch. Matthews assumes the position on a wooden saw horse and opens his hole for Romero's greasy fists. In no time Romero's entire forearm has invaded Matthews' cavern. When he pulls out Matthews produces a giant rosebud and cools down!

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Club Inferno - Wrist Wranglers
Club Inferno - Wrist Wranglers

Club Inferno - Wrist Wranglers
Club Inferno - Wrist Wranglers

Club Inferno - Wrist Wranglers

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