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David Hanson And Manuel Emilio Studio: Staxus
Sex on the beach is not a totally unusual fantasy theres something about the sand and surf that raises the libido up several notches and young Hungarian, David Han, proves that hes just as susceptible to this phenomena as anyone else when he finds himself out in the Caribbean. That said, he does have the added factor of Manuel Emilio to consider a sexy local with a rather oversized dick, who would surely be enough to get even the most reticent lover in the mood. As such it really comes as no surprise whatsoever that Hans going down on his buddy in pretty much the first thirty seconds of action, slurping on that big black mamba with the kind of gusto that youd probably expect from a bitch of Hans calibre.
Indeed, this filthy-minded white-boy definitely has an appetite for one thing and one thing only in this raunchy, outdoor escapade; and within minutes hes achieved what so many other boys have surely dreamt of doing and failed, as he sits on Emilios handsome ramrod and rides the thick, aching shaft for all that hes worth. In truth its probably the speed with which he achieves this objective that will surprise you more than anything; but dont think for one moment that hes in any hurry once hes got that handsome butt-picker inside him.
No, hes very much determined to make the most of every ass-pounding second with Emilio, taking every fuckin inch like a man and gasping like a bitch in the process. Indeed, its only as the light finally begins to fail that both guys succumb to the inevitable with a multi-squirt cascade of jizz!

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Duration: 20:39
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David Hanson And Manuel Emilio
David Hanson And Manuel Emilio

David Hanson And Manuel Emilio
David Hanson And Manuel Emilio

David Hanson And Manuel Emilio

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