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His Big Bro Cast: Cutter West, Brian Maxx, Curt Steele, Alec Powers, Kurt Wolffe, Scott Wilder, Domino, Troy Halston
Genres: Muscles Anal Safe Sex
Big Bro Cutter West is a college guy who's living large thanks to his well-to-do parents. But an ill-timed visit from little bro Brian Maxx could ruin everything, if Brian finds out Cutter is gay. Cutter gets his roommates(Alec Powers and Curt Steele)to agree to tone down their wild ways.
But when his bubble-butt boyfriend(Kurt Wolffe)shows up in a barely-there Speedo, he can't resist. Brian arrives early and finds his big bro getting a blowjob from his naked boyfriend. Unbeknownst to them, Brian watches from the foyer and jerks off as they go at it on the living room couch. Brian sneaks out before they finish, but only after leaving his hat and a puddle of splooge on the floor.
Feeling confused, embarrassed, and probably just a teensy bit perverted, Brian seeks comfort in the muscular arms of his buddy, Scott Wilder. He gets a sensual massage from Scott and a little foot worship too. Then Scott bottoms for the diminutive twink.
Cutter soon discovers that his worries were all for nothing since his gay little bro has no intention of outing him to their parents.
His Big Bro also features Domino as a cherry-boy freshman who gets a first taste of cock from slow talking Curt Steele. Later, Troy Halston bottoms in a garage for Alec Powers.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:27:03
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1489kbps
Audio: 187kbps

His Big Bro
His Big Bro

His Big Bro
His Big Bro

His Big Bro

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