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The Best of Colt Films 1&2 Release Year: 1983
Studio: Colt Studio
Cast: Butch Barnes, Gunner Hyde, Killer Joe, Lars, Clint Lockner, Nick, Ed Wiley, Kirby Scott, Julio, Jack Hacker, Jake Baker, Vito Cesari, Bill Curry, Ryan Kilgore, JW King, Rocco Rizzoli, Mark Rutter, Mickey Squires
Genres: anal, oral, couple, mastrubation, uniform
Ah those days of yore: No condoms, disco music, and blow-dried hairdos. We could still do with two of those things, but so is life. All these 80's era puppies are shot on actual film, and feature a rollicking disco soundtrack.The first film, Killer & Butch, is a Tom of Finland fever dream turned flesh, replete with dirty jockstraps(love that aroma)and condomless weenies. The film speed is a bit off, though.More goodness in the following films, which boast silliness like a Chris Atkins reject with his dick flopping about as he jumps rope, cop regalia including Village People-esque sunglasses(although I don't remember the VP's lapping up cum anywhere in Can't Stop The Music), and a huge finale(the poignantly ironically titleding to the End)which includes laborers, military men, rangers, rednecks, and a hammock.The films included here are Killer & Butch, Gym Nasties, Playing With Danger, The Big Box, The Long Rangers, Prowlers, Sun Strokes, One More Time, Military Pass, Hard At Work anding to the End.Fuck champagne and polyester thrift.This is classic vintage, and you need to get it - now

Format: m4v
Duration: 2:23:27
Video: 720x576, AVC(H.264), 2333kbps
Audio: 156kbps

The Best of Colt Films 1&2
The Best of Colt Films 1&2

The Best of Colt Films 1&2
The Best of Colt Films 1&2

The Best of Colt Films 1&2

File size: 2.6 GB