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At The Farm 1 Studio: Insex
What a nice, tight, hot body filled with defiance and rage. PD locks her in the Garrote for a little softening up, but she only gets more defiant, more silent. In full metal restraint with steel locked in her cunt, she dances on her toes. A fiberglass cane slashes her skin. The harder he pushes, the more silent she becomes. As though shes disintegrating. Piece by piece. Until theres nothing left. Nothing. It starts with PD showing 129 the barn, the cages, the wall hung with shackles and chain. And then the Garrote. He seats her in place and handcuffs her wrists behind the post. The Garrote tightens over her neck. A rusty, thick metal chastity belt hangs in front of her face as though taunting her. Her ankles are locked into the leg spreader. He plays with her pussy until her panties get wet. A slim fiberglass cane slashes at her thighs, her tits. Shes a silent one. She wont answer simple questions. He calls it a nasty streak and spits water into her face. But its clear, his infatuation with her, how he moans as he tightens the Garrote around her neck, as he cuts off her shirt, as he s her to ask for him to cane her cunt instead of her tits. Please rub my cunt. She says it through clenched teeth. And when he pushes her harder, asking if she wants something inside of her there, her reply is a snarl.

Format: avi
Duration: 52:19
Video: 848x480, XviD, 749kbps
Audio: 125kbps

At The Farm 1
At The Farm 1

At The Farm 1
At The Farm 1

At The Farm 1

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