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The Boys From Oz Studio: Alpha Males
The Boys from Oz features seven beautifully filmed, highly erotic and red hot sex scenes from critically acclaimed director Mike Esser.

Jake and well hung Kristian wake on a gorgeous New South Wales, Spring Sunday to have their plans of a romantic day shattered when their voice mail tells them that theyre going to be inundated with package deliveries.

First up hot little Spikee turns up from Sydney Water to read the meter - Jake doesnt take long to get him naked, wanked, fingered, rimmed, blown and fucked in a high pressure scene.

When Rick Chester turns up with some important publicity pictures, theres no way horsehung Kristian Winter is going to miss out on opening Ricks other urgent package. After some high voltage foreplay Kristian reckons hes going to fuck the unbelievably hot Rick but soon gets flipped over and fucked senseless by the hot spunk.

In the meantime Fuxtell arrive to install the guys Cable TV, only to become distracted by the couples gay porn. Andy Stone gets to roughly fuck the guys out of Jayden Cox who just cant get enough of Andys battering-ram fucking. Pool boy Jeremy Klein interrupts only to get a hot blow job from the well fucked Jayden whos still getting pumped senseless by Andy.

Jake is still recovering from his awesome encounter with Spikee when he catches Rick leaving his boyfriends bedroom, naked. Kristian still needs more dick and his boyfriend Jake is on hand to take his massive tool but his boyfriend wants a bit of his just fucked arse too, so Kristian reluctantly lets his man fuck him stupid.

Fuxtell boy Jayden and messenger Rick, still amazed by their unexpected sex, get it on with Jaydens ever hungry ass getting more hard fucking from the hard pumping Rick. You may need to turn the volume down here as Jaydens a real screamer!

The other Fuxtell engineer Andy, finds super cute Spikee having a wank in the pool. Not wanting to miss out on the boys hot bod dives right in to the pool and Spikees ass!The howling wind and dramatically changing weather intensify this hot fuck session as Spikee takes more dick up his hungry hole.

Exhausted Kristian cant miss the chance of a go at Andy. They fuck well into the night, with the supposed top Kristian getting to fuck Andy but soon getting flipped over and taken by the younger hottie.

Format: avi
Duration: 3:03:03
Video: 720x400, DivX 5, 1269kbps
Audio: 125kbps

The Boys From Oz
The Boys From Oz

The Boys From Oz
The Boys From Oz

The Boys From Oz

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