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Cassy Cassard Videos, Part 4 This is the home of transgendered amateur pornstar Cassy Cassard. Here you can find out about all of her adventures and perversions. After she entered the amateur adult business back in 2003 she continuously developed herself to what has become "Cassard Studios", her imaginary production company.
Here's a list of what I like and what you will find inside my videos:
1. Lesbian transvestite sex!You will find a LOT of it inside. All those young "girls" who really need it in their ass. I just love to give it to them especially when they have virgin tranny cunts.
2. Vintage Nylons!I just love the feeling of those. Admirers, please feel free to send me gifts:)I also sell them if you like to sniff on worn tranny tights or pantyhoses.
3. Roleplay & Fetish-outfits!I do cover many fantasies and you will find me in various roles(also wearing uniforms)like nurse, schoolgirl, stewardess, secretary, 50s style pinup, geisha, police officer, army officer... from an elegant escort lady to a slutty whore.
4. Wearing Pantyhose!Highly attracted to them. I'm wearing them nearly 24 hours a day and they give me such a horny feeling. Pantyhose lovers will just love it!
5. Cocks in my ass!I need it a lot and my cunt is always ready for your hard dicks!I know that you want my cunt and I love it to give pleasure to men and trannies... making them cum inside me!
6. Getting my asscunt licked!My cunt is always open for your tongues and I can take them for hours!
7. Swinger-clubs!Well I visit them from time to time and I often use the opportunity to do some horny filming.
8. Sucking cocks!Oh yeah I really do this quite often and you will find tons of cocksucking inside my website.
9. Legs & toe-licking!Many leg and foot-fetishists would love to hear that I also like it to get my toes licked as well as my legs. Footslaves are always welcome.
10. Sexpartners!Well my preferences changed a little bit during the years. I still love to have sex with other t-girls but I also have a preference for gay men esp. older men. The imagination that I make your horny old cocks rock hard and making you cum really makes me hot!Mature gay daddies won't you train my girlie-cunt?

Featured models in my movies: Sasha Gray, Nina Lopez, Sabrina, Kittie Kum, Julia Lure, Lady Victoria, Tanja Taylor, Lady Estelle, Lady Cindy, Vivian Cox, Lydia Privat, Meli Melicious, Evi la Belle, Rubberobjekt, Jacky, Manuela, Alexa Alazar, Estrella Monte, Linda Lamour, Sweet Genny, Alexa Silverstone, Anna, Katja Pueppi, Susi, Cindy Solesta, Arabesque, Tizziana Fox, Nadja Teuer and Tina Hot

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Video: 720x576, 1920x1080

Cassy Cassard Videos, Part 4

Cassy Cassard Videos, Part 4

Cassy Cassard Videos, Part 4

Total size: 21.3 GB in 50 files.
Cassy Cassard Videos, Part 4