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Staxus - Ryan Torres & Shane Hirch Modelling is definitely hungry work, so its no big surprise that Shane Hirch and Ryan Torres are in the mood for something to eat. Its no time at all, however, before they have a taste distinctly more carnal at which point the fried eggs are put to one side and the dressing-gowns are quietly removed. Cue a terrific session of mutual cock-sucking that very clearly gets both boys in the mood for something even more exciting a sentiment that, we suspect, youll be sharing!

Indeed, by the time these two dick-lovers are munching away on each others knobs 69-style theres every good chance that youll be struggling to hold yourself back from the brink. Dont be too rash, however. The action gets even more intense as Hirch finally gets his chance to plough his generously sized rod deep into the young pups eager little pucker a move that clearly pleases Torres given the manner with which he gasps and groans in response. Indeed, theres no disguising the fact that the eager little blond is in his seventh heaven by this point each new position appearing to please him even more than the last!

Hirch himself is also clearly having the time of his young life, banging into his buddys fuck-hole until he can quite literally take no more at which point he knocks out a fine load of pent-up man-goo all over Torress crack, then gives a final push into the hole for good measure. That just leaves the young bottom to show his own appreciation by jerking out a heavy wad of spunk; before the two beauties share the kind of jizzy kiss thatll leave you creamed and spent!

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Duration: 21:31
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Staxus - Ryan Torres & Shane Hirch
Staxus - Ryan Torres & Shane Hirch

Staxus - Ryan Torres & Shane Hirch
Staxus - Ryan Torres & Shane Hirch

Staxus - Ryan Torres & Shane Hirch

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