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Christopher Studio: Tickled Hard
Franco invites Kae over to have some fun with 25-year-old Christopher and give him more experience tickling other guys. They cuff Christopher loosely so he can squirm, then blindfold and start tickling him from both sides. Christopher twists around hard, but you can tell hes loving this special kind of attention. They tickle Christophers smooth armpits and inner thighs while he laughs and tries biting at them. Just for that, the blindfold stays on longer!They continue tickling his thighs and pits before pulling off his socks and tickling his wide, size 11 feet. First they use their fingers on his soles, then Franco munches them with his wet mouth and tickly beard. Franco attaches another rope and hoists Christophers feet to the sky, and they tie his knees together with bondage tape. The tickle tops tease Christopher by telling him what they could do to his exposed ass, and Franco even rims him and plays with his smooth hole. While Kae beats off watching, Franco tickles Christophers feet, then they both get naked and use their bound toy to get off. Kae shoots his load on Christophers face and stuffs his cummy cock in his mouth while Franco tickles him from the side. Franco is up next, fucking Christophers mouth while Kae tickles his thighs. He shoots a huge load all over Christophers open mouth, then its right back to the tickling. Franco lowers Christophers legs and removes the blindfold, and Kae tickles his bare feet. When Christopher is almost completely exhausted, they release his bonds and sit him up so he can beat off. He jacks his cock and cums quickly, so Franco jumps in and tortures his sensitive head while Kae beats off over him, cumming a second time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:56
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1693kbps
Audio: 30kbps




File size: 417.1 MB