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Dear Lyla 14 Studio: Societysm/Dungeoncorp
Tall, lanky and lithe Lyla will be in the hands of Phoenix today, and he sets about in a methodical fashion as he puts her through her paces. She is first subjected to a caning which has her writhing in her cuffs as she stands fully at attention, then she is clamped and pressed into a blazing orgasmThe one thing you shall notice about dear Lyla is that she is extremely genuine, and that is blatantly apparent as things intensify. Meanwhile, Phoenix pulls out all the stops, and screams fill the Dungeon as he coats his slave in wax, guides her through a barrage of intense, bondage orgasms, and then finally strings her up from the rafters for a wailing climax.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:04:12
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 1463kbps
Audio: 46kbps

Dear Lyla 14
Dear Lyla 14

Dear Lyla 14
Dear Lyla 14

Dear Lyla 14

File size: 711.6 MB