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Bo And Lance Studio: Activeduty
Bo and Lance get thrown in the deep end today - its the first time doing a duo scene for both of them, and its sink or swim - well, sink or suck in this case. Lance is looking the more nervous of the two, and hes still sportin a softie when they pull the covers down, but Bos got a big ol boner himself. Early to rise, thats my motto!Well, the early bird gets the worm, so Bo gets rewarded with a nice sloppy bj from Lance, who maybe is a bit shy for the camera but hes definitely not shy around a hard-on. He moans as he slurps down Bos juicy pre-cum, and hes sticking his butt straight up so Mike cant resist getting a close-up of the full moon.
Lance is definitely a bit more warmed up after all that, so when the boys start to chow down on each others cocks in a 69, hes got a lot more girth for Bo to play with than he started the scene with. Bo grips the base of the shaft with his hand while he runs his mouth along Lances sweet D, and meanwhile Lance keeps sucking away beside him.
Finally, Bo gets on his knees in front of the bed to give Lance his fair shake. By now Lances cock is sticking straight out, and Bo has no problem downing that dick like he was born with it in his mouth. Once Lance decides hes had enough, Bo finishes all over him with a sizeable squirt all over Lances chest.

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Duration: 18:23
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Bo And Lance
Bo And Lance

Bo And Lance
Bo And Lance

Bo And Lance

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