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» » Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p)
Category: Gay BDSM |

Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p) Cast: Allen King, Nick North
Genres: blowjob, condom, rimming, muscle, bound
So much rope!Exquisitely entwined, criss-crossing Allen Kings beautiful body, threading his abdominal muscles, covering his sexy chest and disappearing into his lycra shorts. Hes sat on the floor, arms by his side in front of a group of barrels and completely tied to them. He struggles like mad, furious and anxious, the boy wants freeing!Slow footsteps approach. Nick North towers over the helpless and awe struck boy, bulging hard muscle, also delicately fused with an intricate rope body harness, framing his pecs and leading your eye down into his tight stretched shorts. Nick moved around, slow and determined behind Allen, grabbing his body, playing with his catch. He kisses him hard and deep in a moment of rough tenderness. Peeling off the lycra, Nick gets out his already hard cock and shows that the rope harness is a full body with shorts. Framing, exposing and slightly restricting his incredible body. He rubs his meat into Allens face then he slaps him with his cock to bring him into line, then he does what hes told. If he wants freed hell suck his masters cock!The bulge in Allens Jockstrap grows, he is enjoying being defiant and a naughty sub!Nick un-does some of the rope work fixing him to the floor but not all of it. Lifting him up and placing him on the mats behind he is still attached to the barrels but now Nick has perfect access to Allens perfect arse.
Format: mp4
Duration: 28:53
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2942kbps
Audio: 111kbps

Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p)
Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p)

Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p)
Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p)

Nick North fucks Allen King's ass (720p)

File size: 646.7 MB