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Moaning Maggie - Maggie Mead Studio: Infernalrestraints
Maggie Mead is still begging for an authentic bondage experience. It is a request we are all-too-familiar with. These girls come to us having had a taste of domination, but they need something more. They need to feel not just like they are being used by someone else, but like they belong to them.Two wooden posts stand next to her, each one with a wrist shackled to it. She can kneel between them, or stand, but that is the range of her freedom. In that place she will learn what it means to be dominated. She will have to beg for more torment while PD marks her body with canes. Her feet, ass and tits are all open for attack.The second fixture is even worse. While it may not provide PD the same ease of access to her softest and most sensitive parts the position he binds her in is excruciating. All of her weight is balanced on her toes. Her arms are lifted up behind her in a brutal strappado. The iron around her legs keeps her knees bent into a catchers position. Every muscle and joint in her body begins to ache within minutes and she has no way to relieve the pressure.He does eventually let her cum. At first she can hardly enjoy it, knowing that soon afterwards more pain and suffering are coming. But this same foreboding is exactly what makes the experience so amazing. She is so aroused by the idea of being sexually used and humiliated in this way that when she finally does feel the release it sweeps over her in screaming waves and leaves her gasping for air.

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Moaning Maggie - Maggie Mead
Moaning Maggie - Maggie Mead

Moaning Maggie - Maggie Mead
Moaning Maggie - Maggie Mead

Moaning Maggie - Maggie Mead

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